A Coterie is an exclusive, dedicated group of teenagers passionately following and working upon a topic.
The following Coteries will come into being in May (with launch of ‘The Emissary’) this year:

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The Emissary

A sense of connection is an archway to cumulate, grow, and develop everyone and everything along the way. ‘The Emissary’ is a global mass media organization and a space for teenagers, run solely by the astute teens of today. The Emissary seeks to give teens in all regions and dimensions of the world, a sense of teen empowerment by uniting them, combining their skills, and giving them a platform to grow as individuals and break out of the mould to shine on a global network.

The youth today is the chaos of today that will sedate the world for a better future. We firmly believe that today's youth are more inventive, imaginative, and clever than ever before. They seize the power to uncover the unimaginable and unravel every mystery in their reach, they could achieve things never seen before. Hence, with a spirit to assemble people with shared interests and also foster their creativity, ingenuity, and drive to pursue their passions, we bring forward the idea of coteries. At 'The Emissary', youth from all over the world are united by a sense of camaraderie, stimulated through their combined efforts for the betterment of the world and all humankind in innumerable ways.