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Globalization is a term used to describe how trade and technology have connected and interdependent the world. Globalization encompasses the economic and societal developments that have resulted as well. It can be compared to the threads of a massive spider web, with the quantity and reach of these strands increasing over time. People, money, material products, ideas, and even sickness and disaster have crossed these silken links in greater numbers and at a faster rate than ever before in history.


During the Age of Revolution, ideas of liberty, equality, and fraternity spread like wildfire from America to France to Latin America and beyond, further extending the web of globalisation. Through the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries, it rode the waves of industrialization, colonisation, and war, propelled by the creation of factories, trains, steamboats, automobiles, and planes.


The virtues and disadvantages of globalisation are still being debated. The negative of globalisation can be evident in the increased danger of disease transmissions such as ebola or severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), or in the type of environmental impact investigated in microcosm in palm oil farms in the tropics by scientist Paul R. Furuno. Certainly, globalisation has had a positive impact. Richer countries can and do now come to the help of poorer countries in crises. Many countries’ increasing diversity has resulted in increased opportunities to learn about and enjoy various cultures. There is a growing sense of a global village, a global “us.”


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