Heritage Coterie

Our inherited customs, monuments, items, and culture are all part of our heritage. Most importantly, we derive a wide range of contemporary activities, meanings, and behaviours from them. Heritage involves the preservation, excavation, display, or restoration of antique collectables. It is both concrete and ethereal in the sense that ideas and memories—of songs, cuisine, language, dances, and many other aspects of who we are and how we identify ourselves—are as significant as historical structures and archaeological sites.

Heritage is the subject of ongoing public reflection, debate, and discussion, or it should be. What is it worthwhile to save? What memories can we cherish, lament, or learn from? Who owns “The Past,” and who has the authority to speak for previous generations? In our global world, active public conversation about the material and intangible heritage—of individuals, organisations, communities, and nations—is a valuable aspect of public life. 

Heritage is a modern activity with far-reaching consequences. It can be a component of long-term urban and regional planning. It has the ability to serve as a platform for political recognition, a medium for intercultural communication, a means of ethical reflection, and a foundation for local economic development. It is both local and specific, as well as global and shared.

Our heritage becomes a part of who we are through helping to create our identity. Our presentation of this identity demonstrates to others what we value by emphasising our values and priorities.

Our heritage reveals information about our past and how our civilization has grown. It allows us to analyse our history and traditions while also developing self-awareness. It enables us to comprehend and explain why we are the way we are. Heritage is a cornerstone of our culture that influences our politics, society, business, and worldview. It both, directly and indirectly, informs, influences, and inspires public debate and policy.

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Motto: Strengthening our nation by reverting to heritage.

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