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The process of developing, sending, receiving, and analysing messages for large audiences through spoken and written media is known as mass communication (or communications). It is a broad field that takes into account both the means by which communication is created and its intended audience. These media span a variety of platforms and include print, social media, digital and Internet media, radio, and television. Strategic communication, health communication, political communication, integrated marketing communications, journalism, and other related professions are all included in the multidisciplinary aspect of mass communication.


The development, dissemination, and evaluation of effective communications aimed at sizable audiences is the domain of mass communication specialists who are knowledgeable in rhetorical principles and strategic media tactics. Every day, mass communication strategies are used by public relations specialists, journalists, broadcast professionals, advertisers and marketers, content writers, graphic designers and illustrators, public health educators, corporate media managers, and other media professionals to create and implement strategic communication plans — from broadcast news to online marketing campaigns and public health announcements — across almost every industry. 


The variety of communication methods and mass media formats promotes creativity and flexibility in employment choice. With the right training, people can find work in a wide range of industries, including marketing and advertising, broadcast media, entertainment, healthcare, journalism, public relations, non-profit and government, financial services, and foreign services.


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