Our Leaders

Atharv Singh

Atharv is the Founder and Chairman of The Emissary. As a teen, Atharv is concerned about the exacerbating climate and other global crises and wanted to initiate something impactful to contribute in mitigating the circumstances, hence the creation of The Emissary, through which he aims to bring together teens with varied interests and proficiencies from all over the globe to work towards a shared vision of creating a hopeful future for all. An avid reader and adept writer, Atharv is also highly passionate towards Paleontology and Astronomy. He can be frequently seen dabbling with his telescope in the dark. 

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Vidarth is the Founding Chairman of The Emissary. He takes keen interest in current affairs and is also a committed social worker. A firm believer of the saying ‘Actions speak louder than words’ he has always believed in executing his ideas in the best possible manner. He also played an influential role in the creation of ‘The Emissary Cares’ and aims to help the masses with the power of teens.

Aditya Ohri

Aditya is the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of The Emissary.He is a self-motivated learner who takes keen interest in Economics and Finance. Aditya is a trained Technical and Fundamental Analyst as well as a Digital Marketer. Having had the experience of starting-up an organisation,  ‘Academic Odyssey’, he aims to use the lessons learnt to help The Emissary scale new heights.

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Ishaan Gupta

Ishaan is the founding director of The Emissary
Ishaan has always had a deep passion for entrepreneurship. Besides the visionary values he has acquired throughout his journey as a teen entrepreneur, he has learned the importance of resilience and determination needed to attain success. Ishaan believes that
Dreaming big is the first step to success.
Being an active social worker Ishaan is a founding member of ‘The Emissary Cares’.

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