Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We believe, we have struck just the right chords to contribute to shaping the near future as The Emissary is a global mass media network operated by the youth. – We are therefore working on ‘information’ through ‘youth’ to encourage teen empowerment. We consider these two to be the most crucial instruments in shaping the near future.

The Emissary is an opportunity craved out by the youth and we aim to be the access to zillions of opportunities and ignite teen empowerment in millions of teenagers. We understand that today’s youth is capable of literally anything and given the crucial phase humanity is in today, we believe that the optimism and the enthusiasm of the youth could be the strongest driving force for the whole world towards a better tomorrow.

We provide a space for teens with opportunities of global aspects at their desk and these opportunities provide them with imperative exposures and experiences that help them develop as better and more confident individuals while also empowering them to rise out of mediocrity and shine on the global stage.

We see the youth today working as interns globally, which we believe is great exposure for the global network. For us, the youth is everything, our founders, directors, working team members, all of them. We have stepped into the corporate world with absolute reliance on the youth and we hope to redefine functioning here by eliminating corporate hierarchy.

We believe that in our youthfulness lies unparalleled creativity and ingenuity, which will enable us to rise in the sector and redefine it by making ‘reality’ and ‘integrity’ the unshakable core of business here. The youth has everything but experience, and we give them the chance to gain those experiences through exposure by developing a space for teens with a plethora of opportunities in teenagers’ interests.

The Emissary is driven by ideas and creativity, it is the cocoon for the brainchildren of the youth to develop and foster into unimaginable realities. We provide the youth with the literal freedom of expression of their ideas and perspective, the youth decides the objectives and motives of our events, campaigns, etc. Therefore, through The Emissary an ingenious and willing young mind can flicker through the crowd and flare on the global stage.

We strongly believe that a society of people with common interests who think critically, analyze and examine themselves, is a society prosperous on every front. In recent years all of us have witnessed the strong influence of mass media networks in our lives, today they have shaped the opinions and perspectives of the majority of us. We strongly condemn this.

There have been constant allegations against various reputed mass-media firms of partiality, these provide us with content through TV networks, print media, social media, etc. and we consume their content and this has a strong impact on our thought processes. Therefore, if the content is biased so will our thought processes. Today, people with common interests link mass-media firms with political parties and governments, this clearly showcases the low mass-media sector has reached. Yet, it is the fourth pillar of democracy and strongly influences the ‘national opinion’ or ‘regional opinion’, it is giving air to malicious intents.

Our aim is to revolutionalize the sector through a distinctive approach, a more benignant one. We aim to create an erudite viewership, one which formulates its own views and opinions, one which reflects on and contemplates every idea and information deeply. Therefore, we provide our audience with open-ended details, state the facts, present the situation, and bring reality on the ground to the top. We believe it is important for the masses engaged in the coterie to interpret and develop their viewpoints themselves through mass media networks. This would empower all of us as humans to tackle the major issues standing in front of us, collaboratively and adroitly.

To sum it all up, The Emissary stands for a better future with the leaders of the future by acting today.