About us

Instituted with a vision to enlighten the world and amplify the voice and ideas of youth, ‘The Emissary‘ is a Global Mass-Media Network which is exclusively operated by teenagers. ‘The Emissary’ is a teen space specifically built to deliver on various fronts through a highly sophisticated and efficient web platform in order to bring together people with common interests. Myriad agendas and subjects shall be regularly followed by ‘The Emissary’ and delivered upon through content creation.

By bringing all the teens together, integrating their skills, and providing a platform for them to develop as individuals and break out of the mould to shine on a worldwide network, The Emissary aims to provide teenagers in all parts of the world a sense of teen empowerment. ‘The Emissary’ aims to facilitate a comfortable working space for teenagers in form of ‘Coteries’ where their ideas can develop collaboratively and the final results are presented to the masses.

Cooperating is an integral concept for those there in ‘The Emissary’ both at an individual level and at an organisational level, to jointly undertake work with other establishments in myriad fields and together deliver upon them. ‘The Emissary‘ aims to bring together willing and perspicacious teenagers from all over the globe and together uncover a scintillating future for all humanity through various means and methods.

The Emissary is a natural working and communicating community for teens, to enhance their knowledge in their fields of interest. In the working of our firm on a regular basis, we intend to enlighten the youth further on sustainable development and growth. As we understand, once we direct them in the direction, then their ingenuity shall guide them to unprecedented results. We aim to create content on myriad agendas that shall have one explicit message of unity in them, we hope to make people realise that they are global citizens first and that they have a greater purpose than what they understand in shaping the future.

The Emissary‘ envisions a mass media network, where teenagers from all over the world are bound by a sense of camaraderie which in turn shall be developed through their combined efforts for good of the planet and our kind in uncountable Aways. A community for teens where the freedom to try, fail and falter empowers teens to shine, rise and conquer. Where learning occurs without any pressure and growth is an inevitable part of the process.

Since the Emissary is a mass media network operated by a group of vivacious, it envisages the phalanx of teenagers who join and volunteer to create a global community for teens. It is an integral and imperative concept for ‘The Emissary‘ and we hope to come to Aueon our aspiration of uniting the world through volunteering and related services. Volunteering with ‘The Emissary’ shall be of immense versatility with a motive to fit in comfortably with anyone willing to contribute through any means or method.

We believe it is important for the masses engaged in the coterie or volunteering to interpret and develop their viewpoints themselves through mass media networks. This would empower all of us as humans to tackle the major issues standing in front of us, collaboratively and adroitly.

To put it precisely, ‘The Emissary’ is a dream for a better future, built by the leaders of the future who involve and engage in actions today