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“The Emissary: A Global Teen-led Movement, Harnessing the Power of Mass-Media, Towards a Peaceful & Prosperous World Order.”


Hear teenagers deliberate issues of exigency, subjects of curiosity and learning.

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Explore the curiosity-driven creation of the most ingenious young minds


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About Us

Uniting Humanity Upholding Humanism

Teen-operated global mass-media network 'The Emissary' fosters unity, amplifies youth voices, and ignites passion for a better future through collaborative content creation and volunteering. Guiding teenagers worldwide, 'The Emissary' empowers them to uncover a scintillating future through various means. Encouraging camaraderie among teens, it inspires growth and unity for the betterment of humanity. 'The Emissary' envisions a dream of collective empowerment, shaping a brighter tomorrow.
Vision & Purpose

Our Vision

“Enlightening the world of the capacities of the upcoming generation; Empowering teens with zeal to flare globally; Enabling a progressive world order through an aware and astute global citizenry”.

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