Emissary Cares

The volunteering wing of The Emissary is redefining volunteering as a means to eradicate the sense of helplessness and instil a sense of oneness, and hope in people all over the globe. It provides teens with opportunities to embrace the ‘Joy of Gifting’ as they engage themselves in activities aimed toward upliftment and enhancement of the lives of the underprivileged through multiple methods. The Emissary Cares also enable teens to take collective greater leaps at helping society through their creative ideas and their initiatives. The Emissary Cares is a teen-driven effort to combat the climate crisis through new and highly impactful methods. Lastly, The Emissary Cares engages with teens from unprivileged backgrounds and provides them with opportunities to experience and explore their potential by dedicating themselves to the building of a hopeful future for all.