Evolution of Mass-Media

Evolution of Mass-Media

The willingness to initiate something capable of generating influence and engagement to uncover a scintillating and for a better future for all humanity was given the name – The Emissary Mass media network was the obvious choice to generate influence and teenagers’ interest was identified to uncover the unimaginable and bring in the creativity for enhanced engagement and robust delivery and development.

The Emissary is a unique attempt to bring together ‘information’ and ‘youth’, the two most decisive instruments to shape the near future by bringing together people with common interests and specifically by providing a space for teens to instigate a sense of teen empowerment.

Today sources to gain information are ubiquitous but at the same time, sources to get reliable information are minimal. Over the past few decades, mass media network has developed and influenced every sphere of human life, and while it unequivocally made the ‘Global Village’ now it is on the path to putting that very same village it created, up in flames.

We realize that as mass media networks developed, their effects turned adverse. Today mass media is responsible for igniting conflicts and wrangling among the global network that has taken extreme turns and has had disastrous impacts that are only to exacerbate in the future.

The Emissary sets foot in the sector at a crucial stage as a complete change of strategies, objectives, and methodologies is necessary. Our reasoning is simple – if mass media has the influence to create dissent then it must also have the same to create trust, if it can be a ‘web of deceit then it can also be a ‘web of certitude’. We aim to replace these key terms with more promising ones on paper and in actuality.

One simple universal truth is that if the intention is right ethically then the progress made is by itself what it is ought to be. We believe that as the consumption through mass boomed there was a rush to gain ‘attention’ and soon the same was to be obtained at any cost, no matter the hazardous impact it would have on the society or community and most importantly the thought processes of individuals. Therefore, deceitful acts and lies became the centre for running businesses for gaining attention.

Our aim is to revolutionize the mass-media sector as such to make ‘integrity’ and ‘reality’ the unshakable core of business in the sector.

We hope to create an ‘erudite viewership’ – one which formulates its own opinions embraces the art of critical thinking and appreciates the coming of all the perspectives. For if the masses seek truth by understanding the system and through their own perceptiveness then to stay in business one will have to stick with the facts and deliver them without any manipulation.

If mass media networks can divide then they can very well unite and in humanity’s unity lies the solutions to all its crisis. For that sense of unity for all and for it to be embedded in all, mass media is the obvious choice.

The Emissary as the Next Generation Mass-Media Platform:
Internet is forecasted to turn into ‘electricity’ in the near future, least visible but more effective and given the power of influence it commands, it is obligatory that the consumers become vigilant for that, in turn, would keep the providers in check.

The future of the internet is a completely different world, one which cannot be predicted or imagined at the moment but until the centre of incentivization of the whole idea is better connectivity and enhancing the quality of human life then only shall fruitful results be derived in galore.

The Emissary approach shall be incentivized by the creativity and the ingenuity of the teenager’s interest, therefore we hope to explore and develop in this unfathomable world with a sense of responsibility and by delivering on our commitments. The ideas of the youth shall be our driving force, we understand the development of a coterie for the people with common interests to be multifaceted and cannot be replicated by the older generations.

Today both new concepts in technology pertinent to the internet and new users are showing up in abundance. Our purpose is to ensure that these new concepts go in harmony with the new users. As we ourselves explore and contribute in the creation of the metaverse, augmented reality, etc. we shall also ensure safe exploration for our companions in the journey.

We understand that the coming up of concepts like the metaverse, augmented reality, and portable, wearable, and implantable technologies would augment the influence of the internet and we hope to utilize this augmentation to lead the road to sustainable development and growth, through better and modest connectivity and also greater interaction of common interests group.

We also understand that the benefits derived from these new concepts shall be at their best if worked upon cooperatively, therefore The Emissary would jointly undertake projects on these new concepts for teen empowerment with reputed establishments, while simultaneously building our own platforms and portals on these through the work of our tenacious team of teenagers.

We shall provide a space for teens in the metaverse and augmented realities for them to explore and experience the same and later undertake projects to enhance it.

To sum it up our approach as a mass-media establishment is to embrace ‘unity in diversity by embedding teen empowerment and the influence of technological advancements and development in our delivery.