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Geopolitics is the study of geographical aspects in world politics and inter-state relations. The phrase is frequently used more broadly to characterise regional strategic ties, as in ‘South China Sea geopolitics.’ It now covers much of the same content as International Relations, but with a stronger focus on geographical variables including location, resources, and accessibility. There are numerous versions under this wide description, and the distinctions between them are considerable. Part of this stems from the tumultuous history of the term “geopolitics,” which went out of favour in much of the Anglo-American globe after the 1940s.


Geopolitics is a framework for comprehending the complex world around us. Global politics, or “achieving what you want in the world,” requires geographical thinking and action. But what exactly does that mean? Geopolitics is the study of how nations, businesses, terrorist groups, and other entities attempt to achieve their political objectives by controlling geographical aspects of the world. These are referred to as geographical entities. Geographical entities are the world’s places, regions, territories, sizes, and networks.


Geopolitics examines how governments and other groups compete for control of these entities within the international community. Controlling these entities is thought to assist countries and organisations achieve their objectives. Geopolitics is always viewed through an international and global lens, implying that the topics under consideration are global in scope. Thus, geopolitics can be described as the struggle for control of geographical entities having an international and global dimension, as well as their usage for political gain.


Geopolitics focuses on political power linked to geographic space. In particular, territorial waters and land territory in correlation with diplomatic history. Topics of geopolitics include relations between the interests of international political actors focused within an area, a space, or a geographical element, relations which create a geopolitical system.


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