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Language is a set of common spoken, manual (signed), or written symbols that people use to communicate as members of a social group and members of that group’s culture. Language serves a variety of purposes, including communication, identity expression, play, creative expression, and emotional release.


Language is the expression of ideas by means of speech sounds combined into words. Words are combined into sentences, and this combination answers to that of ideas into thoughts. Every healthy individual learns in childhood how to use a communication system that uses a limited number of symbols as both the sender and the receiver (e.g., sounds, gestures, or written or typed characters). This set of symbols is used to represent sounds that the throat and mouth make when particular organs move. These signs in signed languages might take the form of gestures, facial emotions, or hand- or body movements. Through the application of these symbols, people are able to convey information, express their sentiments and emotions, control the actions of others, and act in various degrees of friendliness or animosity against those who use a sizable number of the same symbols.


A language is a formalised form of speech. Humans primarily communicate using languages, which can be expressed orally (spoken language), visually (sign language), or in writing. The grammar of a language is its structure, and its vocabulary is its free form. Many languages, including the most extensively used ones, have writing systems that make it possible to record sounds or signals for later activation. Being independent of a single channel of transmission (such as sight, sound, etc.), highly changeable between cultures, and providing a considerably greater spectrum of expression than other systems make human language distinct from other systems of animal communication.


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