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Ornithology is the study of birds and is a branch of zoology. It is a branch of biology that studies not only the anatomy and physiology of birds, but also the environment, habitat, evolution, and a variety of other aspects of birdlife. Ornithology is derived from the Latin term ‘ornithology‘, which dates back to the 16th century. The study of birds has also aided in the advancement of knowledge in numerous areas of biology, ranging from evolution to species differentiation.


Birds have appeared in many legends and stories, including Aesop’s fables from the sixth century. We can say that bird studies began considerably earlier in primordial times. This is evidenced through inscriptions on stones and pictures on stones, demonstrating how significant birds were even in the early times. Birds have been an essential source of food in the past and in the present.


Ornithology is one of the few scientific subjects where nonprofessionals contribute significantly. The collections of bird skins, bones, and preserved specimens on which most taxonomists and anatomists rely are housed and maintained at universities and museums. Field research, on the other hand, is carried out by both professionals and amateurs, with the latter giving significant data on behaviour, ecology, distribution, and migration.


Although simple, direct field observation (usually aided only by binoculars) yields a lot of information about birds, some areas of ornithology have benefited greatly from the introduction of instruments and techniques like bird banding, radar, radio transmitters (telemeters), and high-quality, portable audio equipment.


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