The Emissary: Connecting the leaders of tomorrow

In today’s tech-aligned world, connecting and socializing with people has become the need of the hour now and in today’s tech-aligned world, making connections has become easier than it ever was. New relationships and experiences enhance the quality of life. To be able to share your successes as well as struggles with people around you is a privilege. And having people who share your interests, who you can talk to for hours on end can be really therapeutic.

There are billions of people in the world, and somebody might share similar interests, passions, and hobbies with you. Interacting and socializing with people who share common interests with you is a great way to keep you intrigued besides escalating your knowledge in the field. And to serve this very purpose, The Emissary was conceptualized to be the one mass media space for youth to find, connect and interact with others of similar interests.

What is The Emissary?

‘THE EMISSARY’ is a global mass media network exclusively operated by perspicacious teenagers. It aims to facilitate a comfortable working space for people in the form of ‘Coteries‘ where their ideas can develop collaboratively and the final results are presented to the masses. Cooperating is an integral concept for those there in ‘The Emissary’ both at an individual level and at an organisational level, to jointly undertake work with other establishments in myriad fields and deliver upon them. ‘The Emissary‘ aims to bring together willing and perspicacious teenagers from all over the globe to share their similar interests and ideas on a common platform through various means and methods.

The world today is connected and closer than ever before and there are numerous platforms already facilitating quality connectivity. However, ‘The Emissary‘ primarily aims to connect people digitally but more through their sense of collaborative working on various fronts and their willingness to deliver their ideas. Coteries yet again are a strong connecting factor, bringing together enthusiastic like-minded young minds. The concept of individuals from diverse backgrounds and nationalities working together on each other’s ideas at ‘The Emissary’ leads to solid bonds and a strong sense of camaraderie among them.

What are Coteries and How do they Work?

A Coterie is a team of 10-15 dedicated teenage members from all over the globe, following and delivering on a particular topic together through various means and methods. Each member of ‘The Emissary’ joins the Coterie of the subject/topic they are the most passionate about. An individual can be in a maximum of three Coteries at a time.

People from diverse backgrounds, Interests and capabilities compose the working teams. They can join the Coterie team of their particular interest and based on their skills and interests can also be a part of some other groups with the regular functioning of ‘The Emissary‘. They get a chance to put across their views and ideas in front of their fellow Coterie members during the weekly meetings and collaboratively formulate strategies to accomplish targets set by themselves for their particular Coterie. Working team members can also initiate projects at their own will either Individually or collaboratively with their fellow members and they receive appropriate professional support for the same.

The prime objective is to bring together tenacious teams of people passionately following a topic of their interests, for as many topics as possible. Not only is it about bringing together like-minded teenagers but also their creativity, imagination and energy to develop their passions and deliver unparalleled results. The purpose of Coteries is to capitalise on creativity through curiosity with a motive of enhancing both in the process.

Every Coterie is led by a coterie leader, who makes decisions after discussion and mutual consultation. These decisions are then brought to the attention of the management team, who address the issue raised. Each Coterie’s members will choose a set time (ideally an hour each week) for virtual communication and discussion of agenda items relevant to the Coterie with the sole purpose of fostering curiosity through their original concepts and works. Coterie members can collaborate to develop event plans and address any pertinent logistical issues.

Members of a Coterie are not restricted in any way, they are free to engage in any type of activity related to their chosen subject, including discussions, campaigns, face-to-face interactions with dignitaries, research, etc. Through coteries, a youngster can collaborate with peers from other ethnic origins and countries, understand logistical issues, and be exposed to experiences that have the potential to enrich their lives.


‘THE EMISSARY’ is a space for zealous teenagers who share similar interests and are willing to actively participate in it. It stands to provide a space for teenagers with a global facet of every aspect through wide-ranging opportunities that provide them with imperative exposure to enrich them with highly beneficial experiences.

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