Seven Strategies for Properly Engaging the Teenage Brain

Based on some recent studies, the teenage brain experiences significant changes as they get closer to their twenties. Instead of expanding in size at this time, the brain appears to significantly remodel itself in preparation for the impending significant changes. The brain is actually preparing a child during this phase for the riskiest step of his life. In nature, this is likewise a risky moment for any living organism. In order to take a “leap of faith” into adult independence, teenagers need the courage and confidence to take calculated risks.

In this stage, the teenager’s brains are absorbing enormous volumes of data at a rate that is only surpassed during the first three years of life. Different areas of the brain begin to communicate with one another during adolescence and until roughly age 25. Teenagers are able to translate their feelings, thoughts, images, and experiences into actions based on this brain network or relationship. The teen brain maintains its high level of flexibility as it chooses what knowledge to retain, what to discard, and what lessons to acquire.

Encourage teens to make wise choices

Different areas of the brain develop faster than others. Due to the rapid development of their emotional systems, adolescents are able to feel more intense emotions. The reasoning centre is also expanding quickly, but a little more slowly. Teens can dominate when their emotional centres are engaged because of how well-developed they are. When teens need to make decisions, we want their thinking and reasoning processes to be in full swing. We must therefore assist teenagers in feeling secure and at ease when making crucial decisions.

Following are the ways to help them to inculcate positive thinking and properly engage their brains to take wise decisions:

Build a Balanced and Safe Environment at Home

Creating a Balanced family life is crucial for a teenager. Teens’ well-being is significantly influenced by their family environment. To build a strong foundation at home, strike a balance between rules and love. Admit your affection for your teen. Be friendly and encouraging. Create regulations to protect them and their interests and give them the best chance to succeed.

Offer Creative and Healthy Life Experiences

Encourage teenagers to engage in various extracurriculars, hobbies, or creative endeavours. Look for teen-challenging experiences. Make and exhibit art, sign up for a play or sports team, or join the debate team, these are just a few examples. You can make them join workshops or classes of their interest. Teenagers like to learn new and interesting things, so allow them to do so.

Create a Good Sleep Routine

Good sleep habits are essential for teens’ brain development and rejuvenation. Establish relaxing sleep rituals that give you time to relax. Read a book or take a hot shower. Set all digital devices to “night mode” and remove them from the bedroom.

Promote an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise not only gives the body energy, but it also helps the mind stay healthy. Remind your teen to stay active. Take a stroll in the park, go out for a ride or cycling, participate in a team or club sport, jump rope, or even dance the night away!

Introduce Healthy Balanced Diet

A healthy diet provides nutrition for the brain. Create menus with a variety of foods on them, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, nuts, seafood, and more. Additionally, make meals as a family; it’s more enjoyable! Make an effort to limit your teen’s consumption of junk food.

Create a Stress Management Plan

Stress may affect how the brain develops. Together, you should create a stress management strategy and teach your teen coping skills. Include techniques for relaxation such as yoga or mindfulness, as well as healthy ways to express emotions such as writing, reading, or journaling.

Allow Them to Follow their Instincts

Teenager is ambitious, they have all sorts of ideas for how life should work. Let them follow their instinct instead of being persuaded by others and leading a life on others’ decisions. Encourage them not to be carried away by others or in the moment, but to pay attention to their “inner selves”. They might fail, but remember they will always learn something along the way.


Teenagers have a responsibility to manage their own behaviour, by understanding the changes and challenges they face. The rush of emotions, life, problems, and studies is too much for them to handle. Therefore, mental well-being and development become essential to consider and cope with all the challenges of life.

Understanding how a teenager works is really important besides, proper brain engagement not only helps them in personal development but also helps others around them in building amicable relationships and really understanding them.

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