The Emissary & Teen Network: Understanding Coteries and our Culture

‘THE EMISSARY’ is a global mass media network exclusively operated by perspicacious teenagers. We aim to make ‘reality’ and ‘integrity’ the unshakable core of business in the mass-media sector and in the process instil a sense of ‘financial independence and professionalism’ early on by developing teen empowerment in teenagers. We believe that the youth today is much more creative, innovative, and ingenious than ever before. Therefore, in order to sustain the dazzling potential of the child – The Emissary stands to provide a space for teenagers with a global facet of every aspect through wide-ranging opportunities that provide them with imperative exposure to people with common interests to enrich them with highly beneficial experiences.

A space to build a Strong Teen Network

At The Emissary, we build the leaders of tomorrow by giving them leadership today. The obvious choice for generating an impact on teenagers and empowering them was the development of a strong teen network, by picking up youth to bring in innovation for better engagement, robust delivery, and development. ‘The Emissary is a one-of-a-kind attempt to bring together information and ‘youth,’ the two most important tools in creating the near future. Today, sources of information abound, but sources of accurate information are few and far between. Over the last few decades, mass media has expanded and influenced every aspect of human life, and while it unquestionably produced the “Global Village,” it is now on the verge of engulfing that exact village it built.

‘The Emissary enters the industry at a critical juncture in which a total shift in plans, objectives, and procedures is required. Our logic is simple: To create a teen network that can raise opposition and simultaneously build trust on a subject of interest; if it can be a “network of deceit,” it can also be a “network of certitude.”

Teenagers today are tomorrow’s leaders, and we strongly think that they must play a larger role in shaping their future, and that through this process of learning and experiencing, they will develop responsible persons who comprehend the significance of essential concepts such as – Sustainability, Freedom of Expression, Future of technology, Equality, human rights, necessity and quality of education.

What are Coteries at The Emissary?

Strongly believing that a society of people with common interests who think critically, analyze and examine themselves, is a society prosperous on every front. We aim to develop this feeling by forming coteries. A Coterie shall be a team of 10-15 dedicated teenage members from all over the globe, following and delivering on a particular topic together through various means and methods, each member of ‘The Emissary‘ shall join the Coterie of the subject/topic he/she is most passionate about. An individual can be in a maximum of three Coteries at a time. This would enable all of us as humans to handle the major issues that face us in a collaborative and adroit manner.

The main goal is to assemble tenacious teams of kids that are deeply committed to following as many things as possible that interest them. It involves not only bringing together young people with similar interests, but also fostering their creativity, ingenuity, and drive to pursue their passions and produce unmatched outcomes. Coteries are designed to take advantage of people’s natural curiosity and creativity, thereby fostering both.

Connectivity and Culture

The world today is connected and closer than ever before and there are numerous platforms already facilitating quality connectivity. The main goal of “The Emissary,” however, is to link teens online, but more so via their readiness to deliver through their ideas and feeling of collaborative working on multiple fronts. Coteries will once more serve as a powerful unifying element, bringing together motivated, like-minded young minds to do things together. Teenagers from different backgrounds and countries will collaborate on each other’s ideas at “The Emissary,” which will foster a strong sense of kinship and camaraderie among them.

The working teams will be made up of teenagers with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and skills. They will join the Coterie team that most interests them. Depending on their abilities and interests, they may also become a part of another team responsible for “The Emissary’s” daily operation. During the weekly meetings, they must maintain their opinions and ideas in front of the other Coterie members. They must also work together to develop plans of action to reach the goals they have established for their specific Coterie. The working team members will choose the projects and opportunities that appeal to them and work on them after the Executive and Management teams have presented them with a variety of options.

When it comes to working, “The Emissary” puts fun ahead of everything else since only in a calm and exuberant environment can we best develop and deliver. While we do expect our members to do their best and do hope they will, we also recognize the demands of their other obligations. We are confident that with time and collective effort, all of our members will be able to relate to “The Emissary” more and better.


The Emissary is a grand space for the teen networks for the teens and is operated by audacious teenagers. Cooperating is an integral concept for those there in ‘The Emissary’ both at an individual level and at an organizational level, to jointly undertake work with other establishments in myriad fields and together deliver upon them. ‘The Emissary’ aims to bring together willing and perspicacious teenagers from all over the globe and together uncover a scintillating future for all humanity through various means and methods. Join us today and become a part of a better future.

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