The Evolution of Social Media Platforms: How They’ve Changed the Way We Communicate

The world is getting smaller as communication and information move at an ever-increasing speed. As a result, especially in light of the current fascination with social media networking sites, this entirely alters the way we communicate. Before social media, our capacity for sharing with others was severely constrained, and it was mostly limited to the people we knew in person.

Things have changed from the invention of text messaging in the early Facebook era to the short-lived stories of today, our world as we know it has changed.

What are the changes that we see today?

We can now engage with thousands of individuals worldwide, which is why we see people with thousands of Facebook friends or tens of thousands of Twitter followers. That couldn’t be done without social media. We can express our thoughts to a much larger audience on social media.

There is no longer a filter on how we speak or what we speak, which is another significant development. In the past, regardless of your freedom of expression, there was no means to communicate with others unless you spoke to them personally. We may now reach thousands or perhaps millions of individuals without restriction by using social media.

Social media has also altered the way we communicate, most notably by causing us to lose some of our social skills. Due to heavy dependence on social media, some people are entirely incapable of having regular conversations or engaging with others in person. Social media is increasingly the most common form of communication.

Does anyone use Snapchat or Instagram? Because of these mediums, the meaningful conversations we used to have with our family or friends are suddenly losing their essence over frequently checking smartphones every two minutes. Both social media and technology have drawbacks. Although it’s great to have and can be incredibly helpful, it can also blind us to and deafen us to everything else that is going on.

Instant Communication

Our communication now has a sense of urgency that has never been experienced before. One of the most popular social media sites, Snapchat, allows users to send one another messages and photographs that vanish after a certain amount of time.

Live features show us an insight into what people are doing in real time. You may share pictures from your vacation before you return home since the ability to communicate with everyone in real time makes you feel compelled to let everyone know what you are doing right away. Just consider how far communication has come—from letters that might take weeks to reach a recipient to sharing your current activities with everyone.

Short Messages

People have had to change the way they distribute messages on social media because of the urgency that it inherently engenders. Twitter, which has more than 330 million users, has had a significant impact on communication by allowing users to express themselves in 280 characters. Today, we not only need speedy information but also condensed information. The drive to keep things brief has also led to the abbreviation of words, which have found their way into both our written language and a common speech. In addition to communicating more frequently and quickly than ever before,

Anywhere and Everywhere

Social media has revolutionized not only how but also with whom we communicate. It has enabled people to communicate beyond the boundaries of geography, culture, and language, fostering a sense of community. It has highlighted global injustices, the tenacity of the human spirit, inspirational stories, and sparked movements. Social media has made individuals more able to speak with one another and understand one another’s humanity, and as a result, our world has never felt more interconnected. Social media is transforming not only the pace at which we communicate but also where and what we are communicating about.


Communication and social media may be difficult topics to handle and a tightrope to walk on. However, the method that we use to incorporate worthwhile and significant communication into the evolving social media landscape is something that we need to realize ourselves.

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