Why should we encourage our teens to Follow Their Dreams?

As rightly said by Edgar Cayce, “Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions”.

Although raising the ideal teen community is a challenge, several strategies can be useful. Making a teen’s future appealing is one of the best methods to influence them to make wise decisions in life. Teenagers who think they have a promising future tend to refrain from dangerous actions. When teenagers are enthusiastic about a sport or activity, they occupy their free time with worthwhile pursuits that match their interests, which leaves less idly time. They refrain from behaviours that will thwart their ambitions, such as drug use or teen pregnancy, when they are enthusiastic about education or particular vocations. It is an integral part of teen empowerment to remind them that everything is possible, and they’ll be more motivated to keep an eye on the future and its opportunities.

Ensure that teenagers have their interests and aspirations. Everyone has a passion, something they get invigorated about. Teenagers should spend more time learning about their choices and realising what makes them feel good motivates them to do better. Enrol in the subject or course they’re interested in and learn more about it. Look for a local science programme if the stars are what intrigues you the most. Encourage them to be creative, teach them to be present, and let them feel the thrill of their excitement. Find a way to foster whatever passion they may have.

There are many reasons why teenagers should be encouraged to dream big for a variety of factors like:

dream big


Turn dreams into goals & reality

Though it may seem like a difficult undertaking, keep in mind that dreams know no age. So, set your sights high and succeed in life. As a teenager, you have bigger dreams and aspirations. Dreams have immense power, and establishing goals that are about more than just you can aid in a child’s development of strong morals. These can be accomplished by establishing goals, working hard, and taking productive actions.

Creates accountability

Together, they can see that perseverance truly pays off by breaking down their ambitions into smaller, more attainable tasks. Small, frequent steps are used to accomplish goals.
Set deadlines for your actions to establish structure and accountability. This encourages teenagers to take responsibility for their education and their career goals.

Address failure, setbacks & life challenges

Teenagers must learn to accept challenges and understand that making mistakes is normal. What matters more is how they approach them. Every goal should always be seen as doable, and they should continually exert effort while being steadfast in their pursuit. They need to be receptive to new ideas, innovations, and methods and cultivate empathy for both themselves and other people. Life’s mistakes, difficulties, and disappointments offer chances to develop and learn.

Sets them up for success

When teenagers work towards building their dreams, it integrates immense focus and time management. Success is inspiring, especially for young people. Being successful all the time would be nice, but it’s also crucial to foster a successful environment. A smart method to accomplish this is by setting minor goals. Large dreams are thrilling. Obtain motivation from other bold dreamers.

Positive self-talk

Self-talk is beneficial. Dreams allow teenagers to practice positive self-talk. It helps in the encouragement of positive self-talk among their classmates, and friends & within the community.

Other Advantages of Dreaming Big:

  1. Helps a teenager to focus on long-term benefits
    To dream is to desire a better reality than the one we are currently experiencing. That indicates that our attention is on improving our lives, which will inevitably result in long-term benefits for us.
    Attract new opportunities
  2. When we communicate our aspirations with others, they frequently inform us of opportunities or introduce us to persons who can help us realize our goals. When we are clear on our goals, we naturally become aware of things that will assist us to attain them
  3. Have clear visions and perspectives in life.
    Frequently, our dreams are the more expansive goals we have for our lives. We must consider what is genuinely important to us and keep our attention on the loftier goals for our lives.

Every single person sets their foot into this universe with dreams and ambitions. And teenagers have a blazing sense in them to achieve everything.

If we don’t follow our aspirations we waste a fantastic opportunity to feel happy, fulfilled and content. The feeling of accomplishing your dreams is beyond words. Teenagers need to understand that their purpose in being alive is to do something beautiful that no one else can accomplish in the same way they can. And that all they need to do to find their “thing” is to follow their dreams!

How can ‘The Emissary’ help?

The Emissary is an opportunity craved out by the youth and we aim to be the access to zillions of dreams and aspirations of teenagers and ignite teen empowerment within them. We understand that today’s youth is capable of achieving everything that they dream of. We believe that the optimism and the enthusiasm of the youth could be the strongest driving force for the whole world towards a better tomorrow.
When you dream, you work and when you work, you achieve.

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